(A campaign for registration of ALL eligible voters in Your society)

Dear Bavdhankar friend,

Bavdhan Manch is a forum for citizens to come together, share, discuss and implement ways to improve our area, its a menities and community living.We are now a group of over 250 volunteer.Bavdhankars working for a positive change in Bavdhan in civic, social and community matters.

Democracy gives us the right to vote and the duty to participate in the political process, by voting at the elections and being watchful and aware citizens thereafter. Sampoorna Nondani Abhiyaan is an initiative to ensure that all Bavdhankars are equipped and ready to participate effectively in their civic duties. Sampoorna Nondani Abhiyaan is to ensure that all Bavdhankars are registered and well informed voters and we all vote intelligently and effectively for better community living with better governancebuy custom essay writing .

A few thoughts on why we should vote:

  • To Create the Change we want to see.
  • Every vo te counts . (wrong candidates have been known to win even by single votes)
  • Allows you to raise your voice and be heard.
  • It’s a responsibility more than it is a right.
  • To be heard in the corridors of power and so improve our amenities and community living.

To vote we need to be a registered voter before elections. This means that our name needs to be there in the government's electoral list. This is to be done by the due registration process.

We are making this process very simple for you, where you have to just visit our website and follow the given instructions from the comfort of your own homes.